We help course creators become trusted, known, and relevant in their space. Our approach begins with developing proven, proprietary processes, channel-specific marketing strategies, and places online and offline for your community to gather.


Bottle Your Secret Sauce

Have you created a course, but met with a disappointing response from the market? Many times, course creators develop material that falls short when students attempt to apply the material. Other times, a course may be too similar to other courses on the market. We work with you to refine your propriety formula and test its potency before introducing your material to the market.

Laser-Focus Your Marketing

Course creators often fail to achieve traction because they speak to the wrong audience (or speak to too many different audiences at the same time). Part of our course development process includes identifying the ideal candidates for your program, the skill and knowledge prerequisites, and populations that naturally contain a high concentration of your ideal end-user.

Develop a Front-Line View of the Market

By establishing yourself at the center of key communities, you can develop a front-line view of unmet needs in the marketplace. Our goal is to establish you as a respected thought leader among peer professionals in your space. We do that by creating a continuous feedback loop, collecting the most burning questions from people on the front lines who can benefit from your training and experience.


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