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Find the Money to Grow Your Business.

We give you the tools to see a clear view of your financials and take control of your business.

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What We Do

You can think of us as fractional business managers. Our role is to allow you to work "on" your business instead of "in" your business.


Areas of Focus:

  • Finance Management
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Operations & Workflow Management
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
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Financial Systems

How clearly can you tell where your profits are going and what is generating the biggest expenses? Can you see a clear view of how much profit you generate from each customer, project, or product? Do you have a consistent and objective way to gauge the financial health of your business?

If you find that your P&L statement is "accurate but not useful", we can create the views and reports that show you what you need to see.

  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Profit by Customer
  • Revenue Pipeline
  • Capital & Operating Budgets
  • Billing & Receivables Audits

Workflow Systems

Is your team as productive as it could be? Do you have a clear sense of where the "bottlenecks" are in your business? Do you have an accurate and useful view of where people are spending their time? Are your people bogged down with repetitive tasks that could be automated or streamlined?


  • Workflow analysis
  • Time tracking/audits
  • Checklists/Standard Operating Procedures
  • Bottleneck analysis

Sales and Marketing Systems

Does your business struggle to generate consistent revenue or replicate past successes? Many times, the only missing ingredient is a simple, systematic, quantifiable approach to marketing. We can demystify revenue projection by equipping you with the tools to watch the right leading and lagging indicators.

  • CRM Implementation
  • Email Automation & Remarketing
  • Sales KPI Analysis
  • Messaging & Audience Analysis

Who We Serve

Brick & Mortar Businesses

I enjoy working with "Main Street" businesses that rely on community goodwill and face-to-face customer relationships!

Self-Employed Professionals

I find it rewarding to work with self-employed individuals (like me!)

Ready to get started?

Call me at 919-723-7916 or email me at