Staying consistently profitable is difficult for a marketing agency, especially when growing from a small team to a large team.

Your competitors are constantly knocking on your clients' doors and flooding their inboxes, promising to deliver better results, faster and cheaper than you can.

Plus, clients don't really understand marketing. Every day, there are new theories, new apps, new trends, new bandwagons, and new buzzwords. Yesterday's hot item is old news today.

You know how to manage the chaos; that's why you built a successful agency. But you have reached a point where your staff can't work the same magic that you can. Your team just can't seem to win your clients' trust and get results the way you can.

You got lucky few years ago when that new hire showed up on your doorstep bringing a rare combination of skills that just happened to be exactly what you needed. You landed that big account because of a relationship that you formed back in your college days. Now, your business has reached a point where you can no longer run on outliers.

It seems like the talent pool for agencies like yours is nonexistent. You hire someone who seems to show promise, and six months later, they're gone. Meanwhile, you see opportunity passing you by.

You don't have a talent problem or a sales problem. You have a financial problem. If you've read this far, the solution is simpler and more elegant than you think.

The Real Key To Growing Marketing Talent

You can't compete on salary and benefits with larger companies. You can't give up any equity (and you don't need to anyway). Compensation is only part of the picture.