Take Control Of Your Business

When a business crosses the 7-figure mark, it is common to feel a loss of control. You may have had a great year and crushed your sales goals only to be left frustrated and wondering where the money went.

You’ve had to skip your paycheck or borrow from your personal savings at least once in the last year to cover operating expenses.

Sometimes you wonder if you are leaving money on the table by not charging enough. Other times, you suspect you are pricing yourself out of the market. You’ve wondered if you need to hire more people, use subcontractors, automate, outsource, or maybe just focus on drumming up more business. You've already cut fat everywhere you can think of. You don’t have the data to say for sure one way or the other.

You've hired and fired several accountants and bookkeepers who couldn't answer your big-picture questions or lacked insight into your business. You read your P&L statement every month, but your financials aren't revealing any actionable insights about how to gain traction with your business.

You're fed up with spending hours poring over the numbers only to walk away without any new ideas.

You've felt the stress of watching your bank account balance drop, then feel a sigh of relief when a large deposit came in just in time to make payroll, all the while trying not to let your face show a hint of anxiety.

The unfortunate truth is that financial reports like cash flow statements, P&L statements, and balance sheets were designed for tax accountants, not for business owners.

Because every business is different, there is no cookie-cutter solution. There is no off-the-shelf software package that will show you exactly what you need to see with one click of the mouse.

However, it is possible to build the right dashboard that shows you a high-level view of your company, based on real-time financial data from your accounting system.

  • You don't need to spend hours every month hand-compiling data to get to the numbers you are trying to figure out.
  • You don't need Yet Another App Subscription. (You'd be amazed to see what can be done easily with an Excel spreadsheet).
  • You (probably) don't need to switch accounting software.

I specialize in helping companies like yours get a handle on their finances and see a clear bird’s eye view of their money: where it's coming from, where it's going, and where the gaps are.

Five-Phase Approach

Here is an outline of the approach I take to giving you back a sense of control in your business.

Phase 1: Money Mapping

The first step is to review and clean up your accounting system, fix any errors, and create an intuitive dashboard showing you the financial health of your business. Here's one example of a financial widget:

Phase 2: Job Costing

Our next goal is to determine your margins on each customer or project, so that you can see where your profits came from, and then automate the process so that you can see a live view every month.

Phase 3: Cash Flow Forecasting

We will create a visual "gauge" showing how long your cash supply will hold out. You'll also be able to model different scenarios (for instance, how a move to a larger office would impact your cash flow over the next six months).

Phase 4: Sales System

With the right dash panel instruments in place to see a live view of your money, we can turn our focus to your sales process and throttle up your revenue.

Phase 5: Talent Funnel

Once we can achieve predictable sales growth, we will develop a talent acquisition strategy to stay ahead of the bottlenecks so that you never have to turn away business.