Why Your Team Meetings Are A Waste Of Time (Hint: It’s Because You’re Paying People By The Hour)

If you pay people by the hour to sit in a meeting, there is no possibility of anything useful happening in the meeting. People may nod their heads and say “good meeting.” They’re saying what they were paid to say. We’ve all sat through one of those infamous meetings; afterward, one or more people muttered…

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Why The Hourly Wage Should Be Abolished

I find it odd that people debate whether the U.S. should institute a federal minimum wage of $15 per hour, while almost no one (as far as I can see) is questioning the underlying premise of paying employees by the hour. I am convinced beyond a doubt that paying by the hour is a fundamentally…

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10 Reasons Small Businesses Don’t Hit Their Numbers

Underpricing As counterintuitive as it sounds, you can lose business by not charging enough. Good customers, who appreciate the value of things, will tend to avoid buying the cheapest solution because they will equate low price with low quality. The customers you do get will be a pain in the ass. They complain, blow up…

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