Back In The Saddle

In 2007, I talked myself out of a great idea.

At the time, I started a blog called “The Introverted Entrepreneur.” I created a meetup group. I created a business web page. I wrote my first book about sales for introverts. The idea got a great reception. I was starting to pick up steam. I was starting to build a brand around the idea. And then, just like that… I quit.

By 2008, the excitement of my new idea had worn off. I hadn’t developed my sea legs yet. I thought that the venture would take off like a rocket. I didn’t respect the process. I didn’t yet know the value of putting time on my side instead of racing against the clock.

I think that sometimes, things just happen in due season. The idea of helping introverts launch successful businesses was an idea that just wouldn’t die. No matter how much I tried to stuff the idea down over the years, I continued to see persistent signs popping back up. It was as if I didn’t choose my mission, but my mission chose me.

In 2022, I built an online course called the Escape 8 to 5 course. By this time, I knew better than to put all of my financial eggs in an untested basket. After several rounds of beta testing, I realized numerous design flaws with the course structure and saw that not only would I need to perform a major overhaul on the course, but that the undertaking would be much larger than I’d originally thought. So here I am, still working on the project in May of 2024, several iterations later.

I look forward to sharing more about my insights as time goes on and I continue to develop my programs. The central theme of introvert empowerment has resumed its rightful place on center stage.

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